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Data-Centric Testing for an Introductory Price of $895

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LegiTest Features

Easy to Use

With LegiTest, users are provided a responsive interface that integrates into Visual Studio. Easily arrange your tests into logical groups, Simple drag and drop graphical designer, Users comfortable with SSIS will quickly become comfortable with LegiTest.

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Test the Way You Want

LegiTest allows you to easily set-up the necessary elements for your test, and to clean up afterwards. Flexible structure, Perform actions in multiple levels and Actions can run in parallel.

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Integrates with Existing Systems

Worried about how LegiTest will work with the systems you already have in place? It easily integrates with the products and processes you are currently using. Generates a standard Microsoft C# test project, Compatible with MSTest and NUnit and Integrates into any build tool that can call command line applications.

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While it is not necessary to understand Microsoft C# to use LegiTest, if you do LegiTest offers an extensibility interface through which you may extend the functionality of the generated tests. Through the exposed interface class, you may add additional items. Custom Actions and Custom Assertions.

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Production Data Verification

Knowing your data is accurate is a key, critical element in your data lifecycle optimization process. LegiTest connects to a variety of data sources and allows cross platform data verification. SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Server Analysis Services (both Multidimensional and Tabular), OLEDB sources and ODBC sources.

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Comprehensive Test Coverage

LegiTest provides the ability to test all aspects of data-centric development. It can access and test: Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, OLEDB/ODBC), SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services and Data.

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